Chess Pieces "German Knight"

These chess pieces were made in the popular and well-liked German Staunton chess style. All pieces are carefully polished and weighted.

chess pieces
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The Staunton chess pieces are, in accordance with the rules of chess, the only type of chess pieces which can be used in the offcial chess tournaments. The size of German Staunton 3,75'' correspond to our Staunton No. 6 chess pieces. They are made from Acacia and Boxwood.
The set is provided with two additional queens.

The last picture presents those pieces on our Padouk chessboard of 58mm squares.
The board  is sold separately.

  • Total weight: 1,1kg
  • Hight of king: 3,75'' = 9,5cm
  • Materials: Acacia/Boxwood