Chess Pieces "Zagreb" Ebonised

In the 50's and 60's of the twentieth century Chess Set "Zagreb" was one of the most popular chess sets that was used in the most important chess tournaments around the world, among others, in Candidates Tournament which took place in 1959, in three cities belonging toYugoslavia - Bled, Belgrade and Zagreb.

chess pieces
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This beautiful set of chess pieces is provided with two additional queens (white and black). The pieces in this set are very specific -especially King, Queen and Bishop. The Knight is made in the Russian style (note that the head is carved very meticulously its uniqueness being underlined by the horse's mouth which is closed, slender and bent over a thick neck).
Black figures that we see in the pictures are ebonised. They are made to resemble a real ebony chess pieces.
  • Total weight: 1,2kg
  • Height of king: 3,75'' = 9,5cm
  • Material:Boxwood