Tactics: Tricks of the Tribes, Workbook Fork

Soft cover

Size 170*210 mm

60 pages Full colour

Skill level: Intermediate or chess rating 800-2000 

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TACTICS: Tricks of the Tribes is a collection of different tactical motifs presented in a series of workbooks. Discover the various clever tactical ideas and concepts, and train your chess brain to become a deadly opponent!

The workbooks are arranged into chapters presenting tactical tricks in a clear way and provide plenty of instructive exercises for training.

Fork has 181 tasks where white or black wins with the help of double attack, and in most cases a combination of 2 or 3 moves. You often win in chess by threatening more than your opponent can protect, and it applies both to material and checkmate.

There many elegant exercises with the patterns to drill in that a chess player needs to learn on their way up. The level is pretty demanding, on average probably ideal for players starting at 800 in rating, and as drilling for players up to at least 2000.

The knight has a privileged position on the cover, but all the pieces are in and make forks.