Viktor Berezin

I was born and grew up in USSA, the country that do not exist anymore, but which, despite all the shortcomings, was the first one where chess received the state support. Unfortunately, I learned chess quite late – I was already 9 when I started attending chess classes at a sports school. Skipping ahead, I can reveal that this is the very same school where I am working as a coach at present. For a long time after Uni, chess was only a hobby for me. Playing “just for pleasure” I still obtained a FIDE master title with 2400 in rating.

Having changed many professions (from an engineer to CEO), I realized that I was not cut out for that and returned to chess. Since then I have been teaching chess to young players all around the world for 20 years now, having brought up many champions of their cities and countries. Still, what I like most about it is that I teach children to think for themselves and take decisions.

I adore inventing chess tasks and fairytales. Some years ago I tried writing books and now I have 8 books with my authorship, teaching chess to different levels, from beginner to master.